Microbiomes and Your Health: Microbiome Basics

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In our current health system, when we think about healing the body, we typically think about medicines. What medicine will fix my current ailment and ease my current symptoms? This idea of solving the current problem rather than looking ahead at future issues can often lead to more problems. 

Medicine today can look like an endless tirade of pills. Patients are often put on pills they will be on for the rest of their lives that simply mask symptoms rather than cure any underlying issues. These medications may also cause side effects that add to the discomfort. 

This cycle is what we know. 

Did you know that our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal themselves? But, in order to heal, our bodies need to be cleared of bacteria. This means that unless someone is willing to make changes to their diet and their lifestyle, their body may not have the ability to heal itself. 

At the center of this lifestyle is a shift in focus to microbiomes. 

Microbiomes run throughout our bodies and can be complex. In this post, we are going to touch on the basics of the biome and how it impacts our body’s ability to heal itself. 

We Love the Gut

When we talk about the microbiome that will have the most significant impact on your health and your life, we’re talking about the microbiome of the gut. There are actually microbiomes in your skin, your mouth, your ears…there are differently colonies of microbiome throughout your whole body and they’re all related but what we want to focus on today is the microbiome in your gut or your digestive system. 

When people talk about the good bacteria that come from probiotics and that needs to be healthy, they’re talking about the bacteria in your stomach, and your small and large intestines…your gut. Your gut health impacts the rest of your health and that’s why there is such a large focus on it. 

Your gut contains healthy bacteria. A healthy stomach will contain a small amount of acidic PH that keeps the bacteria levels healthy. 

Fact: People with frequent heartburn actually don’t have enough stomach acid to kill the bacteria that isn’t supposed to be there and that causes the burning sensation.   

If you’ve got good microbiome, it’s going to keep all the different systems in your body healthy. Healthy bodies contain a balanced amount of bacteria. When the bacteria is not in balance it’s called dysbiosis. This can lead to inflammation and we’re discovering that inflammation is the main cause behind many health problems. 

Signs of Imbalance

The root cause of so many diseases is this dysbiotic system where the bacteria get out of balance and causes all of this inflammation, which then cascades down and throws things off. Here are some signs your biomes aren’t balanced.

  • Digestive issues
  • Heartburn
  • IBS
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Obesity 

Did you know that the wrong bacteria in our gut can actually cause us to crave the wrong foods and in some cases crave too much food, in turn making it very difficult to lose weight? Or that the brain chemicals and other hormones we release can be impacted by the bacteria in our gut? 

The ailments above all boil down to one root cause, an imbalanced gut. 
The good news? This means all we have to do is focus on one thing, balancing the gut, to fix so many of our medical problems. 

Where to start?

Changing your microbiomes starts in your stool. Scientists have been able to categorize the stool based on which bacteria are present or dominant types. High levels of certain bacteria can mean problems. 

So, the best place to start is to have a stool test done. A simple tool test will tell you what you can and can’t eat and when it comes to changing your microbiome, diet is key. 

Many people don’t know but you don’t have to go to your doctor to get a stool test done. There are a lot of online companies that offer this service. So get your test. Knowing what you can can’t eat is the best way to start on the path to a healthy gut. 

It’s not too late

Simply focusing on correcting the bacteria in your gut can lead to the resolution of many, many health problems. We’ve seen improved gut health impact weight loss, help couples achieve pregnancy, feel better mentally and emotionally and even get rid of cavities. It’s a new discovery but one we’re passionate about. The bottom line is you can change, alter, correct, and balance your biome, it just requires just basic lifestyle changes. 

  • Change your diet
  • Cut out certain foods
  • Take a supplement
  • Take probiotics 
  • Exercise

Lifestyle changes can be hard but if you’re sick, medications simply mask symptoms. They’re popular because people want to feel better fast, but often they don’t help the underlying cause of your pain. 

But we know that if you can find the root cause of your pain and correct your habits to promote a healthy lifestyle that contributes to a balanced gut, you’re going to feel ten times better and you’re going to live a healthier, happier, life. 

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