Integrative Health Chats

Microbiome Basics

What is the “microbiome”? In this episode we answer that question and more. Join us as we take a look at the microbiome, discuss how you can test your microbiome, and talk about the different ways the microbiome can affect your health. If you are serious about your health this is a talk you don’t…

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Seniors & CBD

On this episode, John and Justin discuss Seniors, Senior Care and CBD, and how it is changing and improving the lives of many. Enjoy! 

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The Educated Medical Consumer

In this episode the IHSupps TEAM sits down and talks about the educated medical consumer, and share a little about their own health journey. Medicine is changing because doctors, and hospitals are no longer the gate keepers of information. Anyone with access to the internet has the ability to research as much as they want…

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Origin Story – The “Why” Behind IHSupps

Every company has an origin story. In this episode John Paul and I sit down and talk about why we developed IHSupps, and what we hope it will become. Check us out at and follow us on your favorite social media channel! 

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