Integrative Health Chats

A Moment of Reflection

Join Dr. Phil Slonkosky, John Paul Slonkosky, and Justin Smith as they have a round-table discussion about life, health, wellness, and business.  This open, vulnerable, transparent conversation is enlightening and fun. Dr. Phil, John Paul, and Justin understand the importance of having open and direct conversation about the mind, body, and soul. Our life, our…

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Are Probiotics a Scam?

Are probiotics a scam? I think each of us in one way or another has asked that very question in our own health journey. In this episode of IHChats, John Paul, Justin, and Dr. Phil have an informal discussion about their own journey with probiotics and how they dealt with doubts. Join us as we…

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Yoga, Faith, & Wellness

On this episode of Integrative Health Chats, Justin sits down with Anna Deevers, a Mother of two, Entrepreneur, Yogi, and Energy Healer. This thought provoking conversation touches on many aspects of life, business, faith, and wellness. Anna’s warming approach to life, her ability to managed her faith in Jesus Christ, and the practicing of alternative…

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