A Moment of Reflection

Dec 20, 2019

Join Dr. Phil Slonkosky, John Paul Slonkosky, and Justin Smith as they have a round-table discussion about life, health, wellness, and business. 

This open, vulnerable, transparent conversation is enlightening and fun.

Dr. Phil, John Paul, and Justin understand the importance of having open and direct conversation about the mind, body, and soul. Our life, our health, our work will not mean much if we do not expose what is holding us back from living better lives and what we are passionate about. Part of our mission at Integrative Health Chats and Integrative Health Supplements is to create a sense of community, and vulnerability to speak about our own lives. To then hopefully inspire someone else to start having better and more frequent conversations about their own health and wellness journey.

As always, please send us your comments, feedback, questions, so we can have better conversation and address relevant topics.

Thank you for joining us, enjoy!

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