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Poor diet, increased stress, and work/life imbalances are crippling millions of Americans with chronic inflammation. It's robbing us of health - and happiness. You may be suffering from hidden inflammation if you experience:

Chronic Fatigue

Digestive Problems

Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Mouth & Dental Issues

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The ZOIA Difference

Zoia CBD is pure, broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD with No THC whatsoever. What it does have is 60+ indigenous terpenes designed to salve hidden inflammation and restore your endocannabinoid system to health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is all the hype about CBD?

CBD has shown in research and in many cases to have benefits for consumers, both human and animal.  Millions of people are already using CBD, and have been for many years.  Because of the significant impact, CBD stories are being shared everywhere.

Is CBD legal?

Per the 2014 Farm Bill, CBD sourced from hemp from state pilot programs is legal.  ZOIA CBD is sourced from hemp. So, yes, it's legal.

What's the difference between a broad-spectrum vs. isolate product vs distillate?

Full spectrum or broad spectrum are terms used to describe products that contain all the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.  Isolate is used to describe products that have only CBD—produced through chemical extraction.  Distillate is used to describe products that have only CBD but produced through heat extraction. Research continues to show that Broad Spectrum products are more effective and treat a wider variety of ailments. However, both Broad Spectrum and isolate forms have their place and you should consult with your doctor about which one is best for you.

How long does it take CBD to work?

This certainly varies from person to person as do the dosages. We have seen and heard that most people experience growing relief within as little as 20 minutes and as late as one week. We advocate that you take a larger dosage at the beginning to heal your system, and dose down as you get better.

Are there any side effects from taking CBD?

There are no known medical contraindications. It is important to check with your doctor if you are taking any medication that are metabolized in the liver. Certain levels of CBD can affect active levels of many medications, which are metabolized in the liver by the cytochrome pathway. Each person can respond a little differently based on their unique physiology. It can also depend on the type of CBD the person is using, whether it is a broad-spectrum or isolate product. ZOIA CBD is a broad-spectrum ZERO THC product. Therefore, discuss this with your doctor so that they can monitor and adjust the dose of any medications you are taking based upon your response to taking CBD.

Zoia CBD

CBD to Reduce Inflammation

CBD is a compound known as a cannabidiol. These compounds are naturally produced by our bodies, but also found in nature - most notably in hemp plants.

CBD has been known to help reduce symptoms associated with hidden inflammation, such as chronic pain, stress, and reduced brain functioning. Zoia CBD is both broad-spectrum, and non-THC. That means it has a variety of cannabinoids to stimulate health, but none of the negative ones associated with marijuana.

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