Microbiomes and Your Health: Microbiome Basics

In our current health system, when we think about healing the body, we typically think about medicines. What medicine will fix my current ailment and ease my current symptoms? This idea of solving the current problem rather than looking ahead at future issues can often lead to more problems.  Medicine today can look like an …

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Are Probiotics a Scam?

We’ve all come across health products on the internet that seem to promise something outlandish. With so many new health fads, it can be hard to separate what really works from what doesn’t. As such, it’s only natural that we’re skeptical about what we consume. A lot of people have been turning that skepticism on …

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The Basics of Frenectomies

If you’ve never heard of a frenectomy, it might sound a little scary and like something you wouldn’t even consider. But, the truth is, it’s a perfectly simple operation that can offer a lot of benefits for a lot of people. In our continued pursuit of providing holistic and far-reaching health-advice, we’re going to take …

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The Side Effects of CBD

The health benefits of CBD are becoming more and more well known both in the medical community and the general public–evidenced by the fact that you can now buy CBD almost anywhere (including gas stations and video stores). PSA: Do NOT buy your CBD from a gas station or video storeWhile CBD is still being researched, …

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3 Ways CBD Can Help Your Dog

Ok, the secret is out. CBD has hit the mainstream and it seems everyone knows how it can work with your endocannabinoid system to help treat inflammation, relieve pain, calm anxiety and more.  But, here’s something you may not know–CBD can also help the furry members of our family thrive. No, we’re not talking about …

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The 3 Types of CBD

CBD is an extremely popular product right now, and for good reason. But, because of its popularity, it can also be a very confusing marketplace. There are a lot of different products out there and a lot of terms and phrases that may be unfamiliar to those that are looking into CBD for the first …

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