11 Awesome AF Tweets About CBD !

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It’s no secret how awesome CBD is. It can help with anxiety, depression, inflammation and so many other ailments, who wouldn’t love it? 
Apparently, the Twitter-verse agrees. Check out these tweets from people who think CBD is as awesome as we think it is. 

1. We think this could work.

2. Dreams, we tell you. DREAMS.

3. Seems everyone is talking about using CBD. Even Gran. 

4. Really, though, it should be available everywhere!

5. Whatever you call it, it works on pets too. 

6. Sorry, Wheaties. 

7. It REALLY works on pets. 

8. Always follow recommended dosing guidelines, Nick. 

9. Reminder, CBD is COMPLETELY legal. 

10. Did we mention it works on pets?

11. Possible side effects of CBD? Talking non-stop about CBD. 

Want to see what all the fuss is about for yourself? Take our quick quiz and see if CBD could be right for you. 

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