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Millions of Americans suffer the effects of chronic internal inflammation. Are you one of them?

Our mission. Your health. Fight the symptoms and heal the root cause.

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Take our 2-minute inflammation assessment to see if chronic inflammation may be aggravating your health.


Try our 0-THC broad-spectrum pure CBD oil to address your symptoms. Use our dosage calculator to learn how much to take.


The root of much inflammation starts in the gut. Take a strong, restorative probiotic to heal your gut and prevent further flare-ups.

Honest Guidance. Real Research.

Meet our Chief Science Geek, Dr. Phil Slonkosky. His whole job is to scour the world for the best health information out there, research products, and make sure that everything we provide makes a difference. There's nothing we source that he wouldn't use or recommend to his own family.

Watch what he has to say about the relationship between your gut, your endocannabinoid system, and inflammation.

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Start your battle against inflammation with these products.

Because so much inflammation can be traced back to a healthy microbiome, we suggest healing your gut as a first step to health. These are some of the products we recommend.



All-natural, broad-spectrum CBD with 0-THC - pure CBD designed to help treat symptoms associated with chronic inflammation.



A 100% spore-based, broad-spectrum probiotic designed to restore and maintain a healthy gut by reinforcing a healthy gut barrier.


MyoMax Vitamin K2

Support healthy mitochondrial function with a 100% soy-free vitamin K2. This vitamin, often missing in Western diets, promotes heart health and calcium metabolization.

Is hidden inflammation holding you back?

If you frequently feel fatigued, in pain, intestinal discomfort, or have bad skin, your gut may be the culprit. Heal the gut, reclaim your life.

Real Life Stories. Real Life Healing.

These are just some of the stories our customers are sharing with us...

A Gamechanger!

"ZOIA has been a gamechanger for our daughter's anxiety. Thanks so much for showing us how CBD oil can help!"

Andrea K.

Help with Back Pain.

"I used CBD to help with back pain and recovery. Normally, after throwing out my back, it takes me several weeks to get back. Taking CBD has reduced the pain, but more importantly, I recover in a few days instead. I’m so grateful for this product."

Mike T.

Less Pain, Better Sleep.

"My back pain would wake me up at night and I couldn’t sleep. I rubbed 1000mg tincture on my back, and it helped. I was skeptical but desperate for some relief. It is now part of my life."

Anne C.

Helped with Colitis!

"ZOIA CBD has helped me in many ways. I take it for pain management in my hip and knee. I also have been using it to help with my microscopic colitis, and it has definitely made a big difference."

Cheryl T.

"I have been taking Zoia CBD for about one year and have experienced better sleep, less joint inflammation reducing pain and stiffness, lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety, better focus and more energy. I take it every day as it is just as important as my vitamins. Great product!

After taking MEGA sporebiotic for a few months I have much improved digestion resulting in less gas, bloating, cramps, bowel movements are now easy and regular. I take it every day and my gut is now in balance and I feel great. "


"The result of a fall last year I went to ER with a compound fracture in my wrist and a bone protruding through the skin. I had not been taking CBD regularly. I had an unopened bottle of Zoia CBD in my purse and thought this is as good of a time to see how well it works. In less than thirty minutes the pain in my wrist dropped from the Level 6 down to Level 1, and the anxiety literally went away. I never needed conventional pain meds prior to nor after surgery. Amazing! The longer I am on Zoia CBD the more the benefits. My low blood sugar has leveled, inflammation and pain due to arthritis has nearly gone away, etc. I plan to take Zoia CBD the rest of my life knowing the homeostasis benefits and how it has improved my quality of life. "

Mary Ann

What is CBD, Anyways?

It's one of the questions we're asked more often, especially since Consumer Reports just released some guidance on how to choose a high quality CBD. Here, Dr. Phil explains what it is and why it might help you.

Is Hidden Inflammation Holding You Back?

Poor diet, increased stress, and work/life imbalances are crippling millions of Americans with chronic inflammation. It's robbing us of health - and happiness. You may be suffering from hidden inflammation if you experience:

Chronic Fatigue
Joint Pain
Digestive Problems
Bad Skin
Throat Clearing & Coughing
Mouth & Dental Issues
Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

You were made for a better life. If you're ready to reclaim it, take our 2-minute assessment to see if hidden inflammation is ruining your life!

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